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Application Modernization?

Thursday, August 25, 2022, 11:00 AM US Central Time

At my first full time job, I inherited an application which had been custom developed for my employer. It was 1987, and the personal computer was just barely taking a foothold in small businesses. Never before had it been so easy for a small business to have applications built around the way they ran THEIR business. Before the PC, computer programs ran on big expensive computers. The best a small business could hope for was a remote dial-up connection into some form of a time-share system.

35 years later, some things haven't changed. At every turn in technology, a business ultimately faces the question of whether to patch and refactor what they already have, or rewrite.

Come listen to Stephan Van der Merwe, Covalience CTO, Paul Wywrot, Alliance Franchise VP of Technology Support and Dr. Trevor Bunch, CIO The Signatry discuss the pro's and con's of each path.

To register for this webinar, click here. The webinar will be recorded and a replay will be available to registrants.

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Carl Kettler
Carl Kettler
15 de ago. de 2022

My favorite "Aha!" moment from that first application I supported was when I was debugging part of the code that didn't work. The contractor had employed very inexperienced programmers whose grasp of the language they used was very limited. I had a paper printout of the code as I struggled through a block of almost 3 pages. Using some sample data values, I painstakingly calculated the result with several data values. It had taken those inexperienced programmers 3 pages to duplicate the remainder mathematical function. I replaced nearly 3 pages of code with 2 lines of code to use the Modulus function.

Programming is a skill, not a trade. I've had 30+ years to see the results of poor design…

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